Tips on Connecting a Wireless Router For Laptop Use

In this article, you will understand how to simply plug in the wireless router and then set up the computers at your home office. For the first step, you have find the best router, this not a hard thing to do. It will cost more if you want the WiFi connection throughout the house. You need to ensure that you will shut down the computer before you are going to plug the router in your computer. It should have the high speed internet, DSL and also cable.

The wireless router comes with a cat5 cable that looks like the phone line, but it is bigger. After that, plug the power cord into the router and also into the surge protector. By using the cat5 cable that comes with the router, you should plug the wire into the back of the router, it is usually the colored phone like that looks like a port.

After that, do not forget to unplug the cat5 cable from the DSL, cable, or external modem and then plug it into the back of the wireless router in the first port. You need also to plug the cat5 cable that you have plugged into the colored port on the wireless router into the DSA, cable or the external modem.

If you have the wireless router that will be ready to use, after that you can turn the computer on. Then, your XP or VISTA will automatically show the new hardware. At this time, the computer will ask for the software CD. The wireless router normally has a software CD. Then, insert the CD into the CD drive. You need to follow the information in installing the software. Your laptop will automatically detect the wireless connection. Your laptop will also ask for the software as good as and may not ask for it. When the laptop finds the connection, so you are wireless now trough out your house and it is possibly outside.