The New Tendency of the Video Monitor

The network drives the standardization of video monitor; meanwhile, the standardization will promote the popularization of the device. Breakthrough progress of the standardization will be made in the future two to three years. The compatibility between the different chains like the front end, memory and platform will bring the network monitor quick development and broad market. No standard is existed to rule the related matters at the present time, but some related regulations had been made by some industries and operators. Two of these regulations had made significant progress.

The intelligence has been advocated for many years. Although it has been applied in some industries, the market is still not mature enough. There are so many elements that make the market lack of maturity, such as the technology, standardization and practicability. The network brings the optimistic element which makes the technology more flexible. The intelligence has the far-reaching meanings for the video monitor which can change its defense from passive form to active form. The intelligence helps the monitoring staff emancipate from the complex work and makes their work more efficient and accurate. Therefore, intelligence will become the core business of the video monitor industry. New intelligent products have been created by many new manufacturers who are waiting the opportunities.

The network makes the video monitor open and extensible; therefore, the integration of external system becomes more and more possible. From the current market point of view, this integration can be divided into two types, first is the narrow safeguard System, such as the building interphone, access control and theft alarm; the second is the integration of the third party application system. The first type is easy to understand, the second type is embodied in the specific market, for example, the integration between the environmental protective industry and pollution source data; integration between the insurance and accepting System of auto insurance. The integration between the video monitor and other industries will deepen with the network in this industry. The related integrated circuit is UPA1980.