5 Steps That Will Help You Become a Web Developer Even If You Have No CS Degree

Being a web developer is a very in demand profession especially when everyone is shifting to the internet. In this article I will provide you with an overview on how to be a great web developer. No Computer Science degree required.

Study HTML and CSS
HTML or Hyper Text Markup Language is not really a programming language but it’s the language that every web page on the internet is written in. The good news is that it’s very easy to learn and understand and there’s a good chance that you might know it already. I suggest that you download Notepad++ and just write and edit HTML. Learn the proper web standards and create your own website no matter how basic it looks. Speaking of looks, while HTML provides your website’s structure, CSS or Cascading Style Sheets provides its layout and design. Familiarize yourself with the different CSS properties and I’m sure with enough practice you’ll be styling those HTML pages that you’ve done. I suggest that you concentrate with positioning the elements because you’ll use that skill a lot in your career.

Study a web programming language like PHP and one database language like MySQL
Although there are a lot of languages available, PHP is the language of the internet. It powers a lot of top sites like Wikipedia, Facebook and Flickr. A lot of programmers would suggest against PHP as your first language but I think that it’s one of the easiest languages to learn and setup. There’s a myriad of tutorials out there designed no matter what your background is. A prerequisite though is that you have to know HTML. Also setting up your development environment in your desktop computer is as easy as double clicking an installer and creating your files on the web server’s directory. Download, install and read the instructions for XAMPP if you’re using Windows and MAMP if you’re on the Mac. Most PHP tutorials covers or provides more tutorials for learning a database language like MySQL. You need MySQL to store user input/data and to service them with that data the next time they visit your website.

Practice makes you better
It’s cliché but there’s no better way of learning how to program than to practice. Just program a lot of websites no matter how small they are. Create your own blog, create your online portfolio, there are a lot of information out there that needs a platform and you can provide that. Start creating!

Make Google your best friend
Everything that you need to know about becoming a programmer or web developer is in Google and the best of all they’re available for free. The key here is knowing where to look and how to look for the information you are looking for. A tip I can give you is describe the information you’re looking for in keyword phrases. For example if you’re looking for the syntax of an If…Else statement in PHP, just type in “If Else PHP” it’s that easy. Never settle on a website and try to learn from a lot of resources. It’s like gaining the experience of tens of master programmers.

Never stop asking questions
Develop that desire to know the craft of programming. Join forums, comment on blogs. There are myriads of websites that promotes interaction with other developers. You should use them to your advantage. Never stop learning and have the passion to be the best programmer that you can be.

Using Video Conferencing to Save Your Presentation

The PowerPoint presentation is frequently used in the meeting rooms all over the world. There are many efforts that are put into preparing the presentation in adding the best wording, animations, and also other media content. Then, the main effort, hope, and also dream for the successful presentation are rewarded by the winning set up of the computer and also projector. You have an image on your screen. But wait, sometimes there is still a ticking time bomb. The light of the projector bulb timed to expire just at the mainly dramatic moment of the presentation.

What you have to know about this? The hard copy that prints of the slides just does not convey the similar emotion and the level of brightness, as the video presentation. Why do not you mix this face-to-face meeting with the essential meeting world? Yes, now you can save the meeting and also the presentation with video conferencing. This is really helpful for you to get the best performance in presenting your idea. And the most advantage is that you can save your presentation.

There are various ways that you can choose in solving this problem. One of the best ways is that you can set up the account with an online meeting provider. This will be good for you. You do need to worry if this will happen to you. You can solve your problem easily. All you can do is that you do not need to be panic. Once when the laptop is connected to the Internet and the meeting website, you need to provide them with the meeting number. Then the video portion of the meeting is live one again.

The New Tendency of the Video Monitor

The network drives the standardization of video monitor; meanwhile, the standardization will promote the popularization of the device. Breakthrough progress of the standardization will be made in the future two to three years. The compatibility between the different chains like the front end, memory and platform will bring the network monitor quick development and broad market. No standard is existed to rule the related matters at the present time, but some related regulations had been made by some industries and operators. Two of these regulations had made significant progress.

The intelligence has been advocated for many years. Although it has been applied in some industries, the market is still not mature enough. There are so many elements that make the market lack of maturity, such as the technology, standardization and practicability. The network brings the optimistic element which makes the technology more flexible. The intelligence has the far-reaching meanings for the video monitor which can change its defense from passive form to active form. The intelligence helps the monitoring staff emancipate from the complex work and makes their work more efficient and accurate. Therefore, intelligence will become the core business of the video monitor industry. New intelligent products have been created by many new manufacturers who are waiting the opportunities.

The network makes the video monitor open and extensible; therefore, the integration of external system becomes more and more possible. From the current market point of view, this integration can be divided into two types, first is the narrow safeguard System, such as the building interphone, access control and theft alarm; the second is the integration of the third party application system. The first type is easy to understand, the second type is embodied in the specific market, for example, the integration between the environmental protective industry and pollution source data; integration between the insurance and accepting System of auto insurance. The integration between the video monitor and other industries will deepen with the network in this industry. The related integrated circuit is UPA1980.