Searching For Daily Deals? Do it Safely With These Tips

Thanks to the growth of E-commerce, there are more online shopping options than ever. With the click of a mouse, you can purchase almost anything you’d ever need, and often times, for much less than you’d pay in a traditional retail store. For many people, the act of window shopping has been replaced by internet browsing, with the appeal being you can shop without leaving the comfort of your home. But unfortunately, with this increase in convenience comes more opportunities for crooks to take advantage of unsuspecting consumers. If you hitting the web to find those daily deals, here are a few tips to safeguard yourself from clever scam artists:

1) Shop at secure web sites. Secure websites that offer daily deals use encryption technology to transfer information from your computer to an the store’s server. Encryption is desirable when shopping because it scrambles the information you send, i.e. your credit card number, in order to prevent hackers from obtaining it while en route to the store’s computer. You can verify a store’s encryption technology by looking at the web address. If it read https:// in the order page, it’s secure.

2) Research the daily deals site before you order. Often times, just y doing a quick Google search, you can find feedback from previous customers and if anything negative pops up, read about it. If there’s no information on the company, it can be a good idea to make a small purchase first to see if it is a trustworthy source.

3) Read the site’s privacy and security policies. Every reputable web site has easy-to-access information about how it processes your order and handles your private information. Typically, it’s under the “Privacy Policy” section of the website.

4) Be aware of cookies. Many websites, including on line merchants watch your shopping and browsing habits by using “cookies”. It is an online tracking system that attaches pieces of code to your internet browser to track which site you visit. “Persistent” cookies remain stored on your computer and “per-session” cookies expire when you close your browser.

5) Use a credit card when making a purchase. Although many sites have the option to use a variety of payment methods like debit cards or checks. The safest way to shop online is with a credit card. If something goes wrong and your personal data is obtained by an unwanted source, you’re protected under the federal Fair Credit Billing Act. This means that you have the right to dispute any suspicious charges on your statement, and you can withhold payments during a creditor investigation. When it is ruled that your credit has been used without your authorization, you’re only required to pay the first $50 in fraudulent charges.

Reverse Phone Lookup Address – Find Any Caller Easily and Accurately

The number of times we have wrung our hands in desperation, trying to figure out who it was that had called us from an unknown phone number, must be countless. We have thought the call was from a business client, or an old friend. And we got even more desperate.

Those times were tough. And the reason for this highly ‘modern’ attitude is simple – the advent of reverse phone look up, by which you can not only look up name, but also address. The idea is simple yet effective. Telephone companies maintain a record of every phone number they have ever sold. However, these virtual treasure troves of information are not available to us, as the general public, to view. Reverse phone lookup companies buy the right to these directories and you, by paying a small amount to register, help to offset this amount, while at the same time, getting access to all the information, which includes, among other things:

– Name
– Address
– Email address
– Income bracket
– Past phone numbers

The problem generally is in finding a good enough reverse phone lookup service. There are many ‘free’ such services available, but they are inaccurate and generally lead to paid ones. As a result, you need to avoid these services. You should opt for a reverse phone look up system that requires you to pay a small amount to register. They are more accurate and easier to use. Also, they allow you to search as many times as you want, regarding as many phone numbers as you want. It is a great way to find the caller behind an unknown phone number.

What Does Information Technology Mean Today?

Something that gives every detail and fact about something or somebody is information, and information technology is the study of electronic equipment especially computers to bring it in practical use for handling, storing, analyzing and processing information. Even a person can get much information through software and the set of instructions or programs. The software can be used in many ways- accounting, designing, weather forecasting etc.

In fact nobody denies that this is the Age of Electronics. When a person is deprived of using a computer, it is sure that he or she will get frustrated in their life because of being unemployed. The more one uses a computer, the more they are interested in learning and using it. Most of the students throughout the world are attracted towards the colleges that provide computer skills and award the degree of a computer engineer.

It is sure that every activity of a person in the future will be computerized if the electronic development swifts like this. A computer will be a man made ‘man’. Every work will be done by just pushing a button and everyone will be an individualist. The person who will be unable to use a computer will be as blind as a bat.

In brief, Information Technology is a present day need of a person. It should be practised for the welfare of mankind and the whole earth. People should be discouraged to use it in destructive actions like war. It must be linked with human creation so that it always becomes our servant.

5 Steps That Will Help You Become a Web Developer Even If You Have No CS Degree

Being a web developer is a very in demand profession especially when everyone is shifting to the internet. In this article I will provide you with an overview on how to be a great web developer. No Computer Science degree required.

Study HTML and CSS
HTML or Hyper Text Markup Language is not really a programming language but it’s the language that every web page on the internet is written in. The good news is that it’s very easy to learn and understand and there’s a good chance that you might know it already. I suggest that you download Notepad++ and just write and edit HTML. Learn the proper web standards and create your own website no matter how basic it looks. Speaking of looks, while HTML provides your website’s structure, CSS or Cascading Style Sheets provides its layout and design. Familiarize yourself with the different CSS properties and I’m sure with enough practice you’ll be styling those HTML pages that you’ve done. I suggest that you concentrate with positioning the elements because you’ll use that skill a lot in your career.

Study a web programming language like PHP and one database language like MySQL
Although there are a lot of languages available, PHP is the language of the internet. It powers a lot of top sites like Wikipedia, Facebook and Flickr. A lot of programmers would suggest against PHP as your first language but I think that it’s one of the easiest languages to learn and setup. There’s a myriad of tutorials out there designed no matter what your background is. A prerequisite though is that you have to know HTML. Also setting up your development environment in your desktop computer is as easy as double clicking an installer and creating your files on the web server’s directory. Download, install and read the instructions for XAMPP if you’re using Windows and MAMP if you’re on the Mac. Most PHP tutorials covers or provides more tutorials for learning a database language like MySQL. You need MySQL to store user input/data and to service them with that data the next time they visit your website.

Practice makes you better
It’s cliché but there’s no better way of learning how to program than to practice. Just program a lot of websites no matter how small they are. Create your own blog, create your online portfolio, there are a lot of information out there that needs a platform and you can provide that. Start creating!

Make Google your best friend
Everything that you need to know about becoming a programmer or web developer is in Google and the best of all they’re available for free. The key here is knowing where to look and how to look for the information you are looking for. A tip I can give you is describe the information you’re looking for in keyword phrases. For example if you’re looking for the syntax of an If…Else statement in PHP, just type in “If Else PHP” it’s that easy. Never settle on a website and try to learn from a lot of resources. It’s like gaining the experience of tens of master programmers.

Never stop asking questions
Develop that desire to know the craft of programming. Join forums, comment on blogs. There are myriads of websites that promotes interaction with other developers. You should use them to your advantage. Never stop learning and have the passion to be the best programmer that you can be.