Laptop Or Desktop? Which Computer Should You Buy?

Computer buyers have a larger choice of computers in today’s market. In many cases, they have the choice of a desktop computer or a laptop. While the computers may differ only in size at first glance, they offer different features.

The desktop computer offers greater processing power and memory size. With greater processing power and memory, programs and applications can run faster.

The desktop computer features a larger keyboard that is more suitable for typing. Most desktop keyboards are twice the size of laptop keyboards. Desktop keyboards have an extra space for numeric keys on the right side.

The desktop computer comes with larger speakers. The computer is usually sold with two separate speakers that provide better sounds for music and videos. Some laptops are sold without speakers. Laptops, that have speakers, have speakers built inside the laptops. Those speakers produce lower sounds compared to external speakers.

The desktop computer has a larger monitor screen. When you buy a desktop monitor, you have the choice of larger screens.

On the other hand, the laptop can be a very useful tool. The laptop takes less space than a desktop computer. The laptop is portable. You can carry and use it without plugging it into an electrical outlet for several hours. Some writers type their manuscripts with a laptop. If you go to a coffee shop, you may find people typing something on their laptops.

Some researchers store data onto laptops. It is more convenient to bring a laptop than a desktop to collect data in a geological area. You have one piece of equipment versus three or four. The laptop is also much lighter than its desktop counterpart.

The laptop, however, can cause more problems. Because of its small size, it is more likely that laptop owners will drop their laptops. That happens when they carry their laptops and put the laptops into a bag and then take them out. Dropping a laptop can damage it.

Laptop owners have lost a laptop because of its small size. Desktop computer owners do not seem to have that problem. How many times have you heard a desktop computer owner say, “I’ve lost my computer?” If a researcher stores a lot of data onto a laptop and the laptop is lost, all the data is lost.

The laptop and desktop computer have different features. A new technology like the personal computer often brings new risks and advantages. It is difficult to predict what new technology will be invented in the future and the risks that will come with the technology.